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Healthcare Graphic Design

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Healthcare and medical tradeshows are great opportunities for you to market your healthcare facilities or practice. We provide Healthcare Graphic Design services that include: 
  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Print Design
  • Website Development
  • SEO

As a healthcare provider, you may offer the latest in physical or psychiatric therapy, rehabilitation, palliative care, treatment or more. Trade shows and medical conventions allow other members of your healthcare field to receive information on your practice and possibly refer their patients to you. JM Design Studio Inc. designs and produces the trade show graphics that make your display standout and immediately attract and hold the attention of people passing by.

JM Design Studio creates visually prominent trade show graphics that inform and educate your target audience on the benefits of your medical practice or facility.

Healthcare graphic design should utilize images and logos which are consistent with your field of medicine or the type of care that you want to present. They must attract and hold the attention of people who are interested in the health care that your provide. We design graphics and displays for both aesthetics and functionality. Once you have captured interest, you can present the information that will help them remember who you are and what you do long after the trade show has ended.

Trade Show Designs for Healthcare Providers

JM Design Studio creates free-standing graphics, table covers, banners, large format posters, and more. Our graphics feature a variety of lamination and mounting technologies in addition to photographic-quality printing that provides exactly the type of graphic you need.

Banners can be seen from across a trade show floor because they are prominently displayed and printed with high quality color and resolution. Table covers promote your healthcare facility and medical care services to those who pass by your trade show display. Free-standing graphics, such as banner stands as well as posters, make bold statements about what your medical facility can provide patients. Trade show videos can provide the dramatic imagery or footage along with graphics and animation that will set you apart from other exhibitors.

Healthcare Graphic Design & Medical Trade Show Display

The design of effective medical trade graphics and displays was once expensive and time-consuming. We work with our experienced digital photographers to create original artwork and advertising concepts. Because we pay careful attention to your marketing needs, our designs remain consistent with your corporate identity and present your medical facility or practice in the best light.

The result: Your trade show materials are ready to attract the right type of attention and are delivered in dramatic fashion. The superior quality of your tradeshow graphics will convince them to stop and obtain more information on your facility or practice.

JM Design Studio has over 14 years of print, publishing and healthcare marketing experience. We are proud to provide the best healthcare graphic design that supports providers and their practices and facilities as they offer advanced patient care. Based in Metro Palm Beach County, Florida, we serve clients regionally in Florida and across the United States.

Joshua has helped us grow our business exponentially. We value his design and marketing expertise.

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